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Strong Legal Support For Your Business

When you have a legal business concern, you want to make sure you have the best possible representation for your case.

Whether you are creating a business, dissolving one or have other business issues, the law firm of Herring, Long & Crews, P.C., provides professional and personal legal guidance and representation for all business-related needs. Located in Madison County, our business attorneys serve all of Mississippi.

The Services We Provide

At Herring, Long & Crews, P.C., we have developed an extensive practice in the following business law areas:

  • Formation and operation of limited liability companies (LLCs) and corporations
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts
  • Drafting and reviewing noncompete agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing severance agreements
  • Preparing articles of incorporation
  • Preparing buy-sell agreements
  • Business litigation
  • Public utilities, with emphasis on general representation of water service providers

Business matters should not be left to just any lawyer. At Herring, Long & Crews, P.C., you can be assured of straightforward, dedicated and diligent representation for your company.

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Running a business is a huge investment of time and energy, and you need to protect that investment. Our attorneys will make sure that everything is done right the first time.

If you have a question, please get in touch. You can reach our Canton office through our online form or by phone: 601-691-1121.