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We provide outstanding legal advice with a personal touch. Clients throughout Mississippi.

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Resolving Civil Law Issues Throughout Mississippi

Personal and professional, the attorneys at Herring, Long & Crews, P.C., have more than nine decades of combined experience representing businesses and individuals throughout Mississippi in matters of:

  • Business law/public utilities
  • Personal injury
  • Family law
  • Estate planning, wills and probate
  • Real estate

At the heart of any good law firm is the ability and the desire to represent clients with passion and protection. We take the outcome of your case very seriously. We want to ensure that you have the best representation for your unique situation.

Outstanding Legal Service, From Personal To Corporate

At Herring, Long & Crews, P.C., we offer legal services involving business and corporate law, family law, personal injury and estate planning. If you have a problem with a non-compete or severance agreement, we can help. If you need representation in a divorce or other marital issue, we can help. If you want to prepare for your future, by preparing a will today, we can help.

We can help with the simplest legal problem, to the most complex. Persistent, yet patient, we work with opposing counsel to secure you the optimum result for your case. If, however, we are unable to resolve your case outside of court, we have the tenacity to prevail at trial.

High-Quality Legal Advice You Can Trust

We have built our reputation over decades of proven service to our clients. Not only do we get results, but our clients return to us time and again for help with new legal issues.

For attorneys that are personable and persistent, look no further than our firm. Contact us today to find out how we can help you: 601-691-1121.


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